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Your RecWell membership provides you with affordable access to several facilities throughout campus including the University Recreation and Wellness Complex, St. Paul Gym, and the Student Recreational Sports Fields/Dome. Within those facilities, you are encouraged to utilize all cardio/strength equipment, courts, gymnasiums, pools, and indoor tracks.


Individuals that are affiliated with the University of Minnesota are eligible for membership. Individuals not affiliated with the University are eligible for a community membership at the St. Paul Gym or can be sponsored by a current member at the University Recreation and Wellness Center. Take a look at how the memberships are broken down below:

Student Members

  • Fee Paying Students
  • All University of Minnesota students paying the Student Services Fee have automatic membership to RecWell facilities.  Simply bring your U Card to the facility of your choice and enjoy your membership privileges.
  • Non-Fee Paying Students
  • If you are a student at the University of Minnesota, but you are not paying the Student Services Fee, RecWell still has an affordable membership for you! Student memberships are $185 ($75 during the summer).

University Members

  • If you have a direct affiliation with the University of Minnesota, then you are considered eligible for a University Membership. Examples of University Members are faculty, staff, Aramark employees, and University of Minnesota Physicians employees.

University Partners

  • Community Memberships
  • Community memberships are available at the St. Paul Gym for individuals age 18 or older not affiliated with the University of Minnesota. This membership is valid only at the St. Paul Gymnasium and does not offer any guest or family day privileges. Community members are permitted to purchase up to 9 months (3 three month memberships) at time and are unable to access the St. Paul Gym Monday-Friday from 3:00-7:00pm.
  • Alumni
  • Graduates of any University of Minnesota campus are eligible to purchase a membership. Alumni must provide a copy of their diploma or unofficial transcript at time of initial enrollment to verify status.
  • Fairview Employees
  • University of Minnesota Associates (i.e. Fairview University employees with proof of employment) are also eligible to purchase one of the following memberships:
    Employees of the University of Minnesota Medical Center (Fairview) are also eligible for a University Partner membership. Proof of current employment is required to become a member.

Sponsored Members

  • Sponsored Memberships
  • If you are not affiliated with the University of Minnesota, there is still an opportunity for you to join as a sponsored member! Simply have an individual who is currently a Recreation and Wellness member act as your sponsor.

  • As a sponsored member, you are charged the same fee as your sponsor. Please note that your membership may not exceed the duration of your sponsor's membership and his/her membership must remain active for you to remain an eligible member.