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RecWell Grad Spotlight: Meghan Edwards and Allison Mosso

This is the first installment in the series we like to call RecWell Grad Spotlight, where we feature our outstanding graduates and tell the story of where they are now. This week, we interviewed Meg Edwards and Allison Mosso. RecWell Grad Spotlight Landing a graduate assistantship is not an easy process—similar to getting any other job, being hired as a G.A. means proving your skills for the job, multiple rounds of interviews, and big competition. Meg Edwards & Allison Mosso both attest landing their positions to the skills they learned over their four years working at RecWell. “There is no doubt in my mind that my entire college experience would have been completely different had I not worked at RecWell,” said Allison. “I definitely would not have ended up doing what I am doing now.” Allison actually began her education at the University of Minnesota interested in studying nutrition and dietetics, but as she got more involved in her job at RecWell, she switched her major her junior year to kinesiology with a focus on exercise science and moved nutrition to a minor. She held a handful of positions, including being a group fitness instructor, fitness consultant, personal trainer, program assistant, and was elected to be the student chair of the department advisory board. “Getting involved in all the different programs within RecWell was when I really found my stride, not only in my professional life, but also my social life,” Allison said. “I had more school pride, more focus. It’s all about the people you surround yourself with.” Now a proud LSU Tiger and a fitness & wellness graduate assistant, Allison is studying kinesiology with a focus on sport management and hopes to use her education and graduate assistant experience to pursue a job in the fitness world, specifically opening her own facility that encourages all aspects of wellness. She also wants to work toward becoming a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, a TRX Master Trainer, and starting her own wellness blog. Upon starting her G.A. position, Mosso was put in the unique situation of temporarily working without a supervisor due to medical leave and thus taking on a new load of responsibilities. “It was tough, but I took on multiple leadership roles, and it was a huge growing opportunity,” said Mosso. “Thankfully, I had experience from chances I was given to be a leader during my time at RecWell.” Meg Edwards also held a handful of jobs at RecWell, including being a fitness consultant, group fitness instructor, personal trainer, Red Cross course instructor, and also held a chair on the advisory board. Edwards got her foot in the door early, as a freshman applying to the fitness consultant position, and once she was hired, took every opportunity that came to her at RecWell. During her tenure here, she earned certifications for Schwinn, Shockwave, Indo-Row, Red Cross, and even finished her yoga certification hours while teaching group fitness yoga classes. “If you pursue as many opportunities as are offered, you have the ability and time to hone very necessary skills while working what might seem like ‘just’ a campus job,” said Meg. “Work hard, purpose it the right way, and absorb everything you can.” Now at in her G.A. position at Ole Miss, Edwards is responsible for directly supervising the fitness center staff, and uses the skills she learned at RecWell in her everyday work, like collecting availability, scheduling shifts, and coming up with creative programming for the department. Her experience designing RecWell’s “Wild Card Wednesday” group fitness events has come in handy—just last month, her “Kick for the Cure” breast cancer kickboxing event raised $100 in donations. “Fitness is my passion and my roots, but there is so much more besides working out that goes into being healthy,” Meg said. “I hope to keep exploring ways to educate campus communities and make a real impact on campus health.” To help reach that goal, Meg is now working toward her Master’s in Health Promotion, with the ultimate goal of continuing to work with college students on campus. Because of her broad knowledge across fitness, wellness, and nutrition, Meg wants to teach newly independent adults how to embrace overall health. “Health Promotion is an opportunity for me to use the hard facts and science that I've learned through studying kinesiology and health & exercise science at the U,” said Meg. “And integrate it into tangible programs that promote the health of a community.” Both Meg and Allison played vital roles in the RecWell department throughout the years they worked there. Not only did they give their spare hours to working, but also to volunteering at events ran by other programs within RecWell. One of their favorite memories included singing into the microphone together during the last heat of the indoor Tri-U-Mah event, encouraging the participants to keep going, even after the two of them had been volunteering for over 10 hours at that point. Anyone who can endure a long day and maintain an attitude like that is someone that we are proud to call a Face of RecWell.

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