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Woodway Interval Challenge Melds Science and Hard Work

Woodway Interval Challenge melds Science and Hard Work by Seth Trulen, RecWell Communications Intern With nine weeks of the Woodway Interval Challenge under their belts, participants are continuing to put together great workout after great workout.  And from where class instructor Natasha Spear sits, the results are coming in droves. “I think people are responding really well to the program,” she said, “I’ve heard a lot of comments from participants like ‘I can run faster’, ‘I can run longer’, and ‘I don’t feel as tired’, meaning they are starting to see the benefits of the program.” Spear is a junior at the University of Minnesota studying Kinesiology and Neuroscience.  As a personal trainer who’s curious about the science of the human body, instructing a program like the Woodway Interval Challenge is an exciting prospect. “I wanted to be one of the first ones to say that I was able to teach it,” she said. The Challenge class format follows a scientific approach to exercise called interval training, where participants cycle through periods and high- and low-intensity work.  By getting participants to push themselves during these cycles, it helps to increase their aerobic capacity to exercise longer.  And for all the Gophers looking to lean down for beach season, studies have shown that interval training is more effective for fat loss due to the metabolism-boosting effects of high-intensity work.  The addition of MyZone to the class has also proved an effective tool for runners. The heart rate monitor company gives the class instructor and the participant’s real-time feedback about their workouts, allowing participants to make their 45 minutes the most effective. “MyZone really helps participants learn how to push themselves and be aware of how their body reacts to exercise,” said Spear. As the Woodway Interval Challenge nears its final week, participants are pushing harder than ever to finish in a full sprint.  Participants will undergo fitness testing at the culmination of the program to track their progress through the ten week class.  But if the way they feel has inclination to what the results will show, the participants should be very happy.

New Fitness Job Openings

New Fitness Job Openings The Fitness program is seeking qualified individuals to join the Recreation and Wellness team! Take a moment to view the job descriptions and apply below: Group Fitness Instructors Group fitness instructors are a part of an enthusiastic and innovative team, providing quality instruction through a variety of entertaining, educational and fun classes. View positions available below and apply today! Contact Group Fitness Coordinator, Laura Kozlowski, at for additional information. Group Fitness Instructor: Indoor Cycling - APPLY HERE Group Fitness Instructor: Yoga/Pilates - APPLY HERE Group Fitness Instructor: ZUMBA - APPLY HERE Group Fitness Instructor: General - APPLY HERE Personal Trainers and Assessment Technicians Personal Trainers and Assessment Technicians have a passion for helping others to reach their health and fitness goals and are work closely with participants in a personal training, small group training and/or fitness assessment setting. Contact Personal Fitness Manager, Sarah Mork, at for additional information. Personal Trainer: APPLY HERE Assessment Technician: APPLY HERE

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The Fitness program prides itself in providing resources for members to maintain healthy, active lifestyles. Both the Minneapolis University Recreation and Wellness Center and St. Paul Gymnasium contain state-of-the-art fitness equipment and have several services available to meet member's needs.

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