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Glow In the Dark Fitness: Zumba

There will certainly be a club like atmosphere for this Zumba class! Join group fitness for a free Glow in the Dark Cardio Kickboxing class at 7:30 pm on Wednesday, March 4th! There will be signs directing traffic to the correct room. 

More Than Swim, Bike, Run

The U of M’s triathlon race takes place at RecWell February 28th. Article by: Anna Roesler If you hang around the Recreation and Wellness Center on a regular basis, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard of this race called the Tri-U-Mah Indoor Triathlon. It’s a local, grassroots race, with a large percentage of the event’s competitors from the surrounding Twin Cities area. Regardless of its relative anonymity, the Tri-U-Mah is a race that has some powerful stories that help to define it. Over the past few weeks, I took some time to catch up with a few of the participants to get their perspectives on the event. Jim Guenter has been a long-time Tri-U-Mah participant, He earned his MBA from the U of M in 2005. He was also a high school swimmer and recreational runner and biker. In Jim’s case, living a healthy life is what allows him to explore and experience new places. "On family trips, I'll wake up early, before everyone else, and go on a long run to explore the city and find places for us to visit later. My all-time favorite run was in a fjord in Norway--it was nine miles from the base of the valley to the top of the mountain, and back down--that took me three hours. I made it back covered in mud with 15 minutes left of the hotel's continental breakfast." Jim did his first outdoor triathlons in 2000, and described it as miserable—completed on a mountain bike, in cotton clothes, and totally unprepared—but he was hooked. When the first Tri-U-Mah was hosted in 2004, it was an opportunity for him to compete in the off-season of the summer tri season. Because the race falls in February, it’s a competitive opportunity in an otherwise dead season for outdoor triathletes. Kate Busse, another loyal competitor, is also an alum of the university. Since the beginning of Tri-U-Mah, she has used it as an opportunity to catch up with college friends and motivation to stay in competition shape. In high school, Kate participated in cheerleading to stay in shape. However, she didn’t become a runner until her boss asked if she wanted to run together over lunch—you can’t say no to that! Gradually, running became a part of Kate’s life, and she was bitten by the running bug. Ever since then, she has been an avid runner and competitor. After watching Kate compete and train, her husband competed in the 2004 Tri-U-Mah as his first triathlon. Naturally, he also got hooked, and went on to complete a half Ironman and a 50-mile race. Every year since, he comes back and competes in the Tri-U-Mah to catch up with friends and compete in the off-season. "Nine years ago, I don't think any of us would have thought we be on the cusp of our 10th consecutive Tri-U-Mah. It was something new and different,” said Bill Olson, a friend of the Busse’s, “The idea of doing one in mid-winter was alluring and motivating to get moving again after an off-season break. Over the years, this race is my measuring stick of off-season training and of what's to come in the spring." After the Tri-U-Mah, the Busse’s organized a gathering of family and friends at the Big 10 restaurant to talk about this year’s race, eat good food, and enjoy each other’s company. One of the favorite recurring themes of conversation comes from Stephanie Peterson. "I know my Tri-U-Mah 'nemesis,'” said Peterson. “I know her name, and I compete against her every year, but we haven't met. It's motivational, I’m always chasing her times!" In my opinion, one of the most important things you can do for yourself is find your personal motivation for fitness. Especially at this point in the new year, when maintaining resolutions gets tough. Listening to Jim talk about his travels and Kate about the social aspect of competing inspired me. On my next trip, I might just take the Jim Guenter route and go for a run before starting my day. And maybe I’ll take my next social outing up a notch, à la Kate Busse, and turn it into an opportunity to compete and earn some bragging rights with my friends. While I have yet to pull the metaphorical race-gun trigger on training for my first Tri-U-Mah, having the chance to speak with these competitors sparked my interest. I’ve had the opportunity to volunteer at the race before, and the environment is unbeatable: a mix of camaraderie and Minnesota nice, blended with some good old-fashioned competitive tension. Not only would the event offer a goal to chase, but also the potential to finally win against my sisters, who were faster than me in high school swimming. I may have just found this year’s fitness motivation. Anna Roesler is the Marketing and Communications Intern with University of Minnesota Recreation and Wellness

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About Fitness

The Fitness program prides itself in providing resources for members to maintain healthy, active lifestyles. Both the Minneapolis University Recreation and Wellness Center and St. Paul Gymnasium contain state-of-the-art fitness equipment and have several services available to meet member's needs.

Fitness Equipment Orientation
Provides education and tools necessary to customize current exercise programs

Group Fitness Classes
A wide variety of class formats to help establish and maintain healthy exercise habits

Fitness Assessment Services
Offers an overview of current fitness levels by executing a collection of fitness tests

Personal Training Services
Design a customized exercise program combining personal health and fitness goals with fitness assessment results

Small Group Training
Offers structured exercise in an intimate environment, meeting the needs of the beginner to the highly skilled athlete

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