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About the Alumni Program

Promoting Wellness Through a Lifetime of Sports and Recreation

Welcome to the RecWell Alumni page. If you participated in any of our programs or worked for the department as a student, we are proud to call you one of our own. Furthermore, we hope to re-connect you with your alma mater through our energy packed alumni events, trips and campus gatherings.

Our aim is to provide students with programs and resources that collectively support the six dimensions of wellness (physical, spiritual, occupational, emotional, social, and intellectual) as defined by the National Wellness Institute. The realized outcomes of these programs dramatically improve the overall well-being of the University community and collectively they fuel the academic success of the institution. Now, more than ever, we understand the benefits provided by RecWell programs and the healthy lifestyle behaviors they knowingly instill in our alumni throughout their life.

Research at the University of Minnesota and other national research confirm that students who are involved in out-of- classroom experiences in their college careers, particularly those involved in Recreation and Wellness programs:

  • have higher grade point averages
  • have higher graduation and retention rates
  • are more socially integrated into the campus community
  • feel better about their overall collegiate experiences than those students who are not involved in recreational sports

It is our goal to not only provide these experiences to our University community, but to further encourage students (our future alumni) to maintain healthy lifestyles through a lifetime of sports and recreational activities. For this reason, Wellness is truly the core of all RecWell programs and services.

And how are today’s U of M students spending their time away from studies and work?

Our average participation confirms some very healthy numbers:

  • 9,500 + participated in intramural and court sports
  • 3,400 + participated in sports club programs
  • 30,000 + participated in fitness programs and classes
  • 13,000 + participated in use of the climbing and bouldering wall
  • 4,000 + aquatic center participants

All of these participation numbers among many others support a happier healthier campus. You as our alumni are the best ambassadors for the long term success of our programs, as you continue to maintain healthy lifestyle habits and choices throughout your personal and professional life.

We encourage you to support RecWell with a gift of your time, your talents, or your contribution. We enjoy hearing what our alums are doing and invite you to share your stories and updates by email at the link provided below. Please visit us often online, or if you are in the Twin Cities, stop by Development Office in the brand new Recreation and Wellness Center and see how we have grown. For more information email:

RecWell Excellence Fund

Making a Gift to Recreation & Wellness

Thank you for considering a gift to University Recreation and Wellness. The financial commitment University students make to the RecWell through student fees have historically made our programs an operational success. However, it is the much needed private philanthropy from our alumni and friends that will inevitably make our programs better, all while easing the expense on students.

Investing in Our Future
A gift to the RecWell is an investment in the overall wellness of students and it additionally supports positive outcomes in the classroom and in college life respectively.

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